Our COO quoted in South Carolina story

Our Chief Operating Officer David Wolle is quoted in this Palmetto Business Daily story about the success of the state's new coverage for adult dental care under Medicaid.

David Wolle, the chief operating officer of KOS Services, which manages Family Dental, said the expansion has caused a “meaningful” increase in patients coming to their clinics. The expansion has been a success, he said, particularly for patients that have been putting off very basic care, such as fillings or extractions, that have been causing pain.

Family Dental, which has clinics in Greenville, Rock Hill and Columbia, is an affiliate of Dental Dreams, a provider of dental services with 65 locations in 11 states.

“We’re not talking about luxuries here, like people doing veneers or implants,” Wolle told Palmetto Business Daily. “We’re talking about getting people out of pain — some really overdue, very, very basic dentistry.”

We are pleased that we are part of an effort that is bringing better dental care to adults in South Carolina who previously were suffering. Thanks to the Palmetto Business Daily for highlighting this development.