Future bright for Illinois dentistry

There’s more good news about dentistry in Illinois. According to a Chicago college administrator, the flow of good dentists into practices is thriving and looks to continue that trend.

And Dental Dreams, quoted in this story in Illinois Business Daily, is doing its best to attract the best of these new dentists.

Dr. Darryl Pendleton, associate dean for student and diversity affairs at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), was bursting with optimism.

“In terms of individuals interested in a dental career, it has never been stronger; more people are getting into the profession, and it's never been stronger in terms of attractiveness,” Pendleton, a clinical associate professor at the College of Dentistry, said.

Our own executive Mike Peters said Dental Dreams does its best to attract the best of those young dentists to its offices.

”We work hard in our recruitment of dental school students to help them gain an appreciation that with a practice like ours they can earn attractive compensation, maintain a healthy work/life balance and also serve a community that is in need of high quality dental providers," said Peters. "Working for a practice that serves Medicaid patients can check all the boxes."

Our company is committed to bringing the best possible service to its patients in Illinois — and elsewhere. We appreciate the opportunity to talk about those efforts publicly.