Finances squeezing dental care out of family budgets

Finances and dental care do not always go together. If it comes down to catching up on a car or house payment or that family vacation you have been dreaming about and dental care, dental care usually loses out.

A recent 108 page report by the Federal Reserve Board's Board of Governors, said this about family members:

  • 25% didn't get dental care when it was needed.
  • 15% went without a doctor visit.
  • 13% went without prescription medicine.
  • 11% went without prescription medicine.

    Many people who do have health insurance, don't have a sufficient dental plan. A co-payment system, especially for low income participants, is another barrier that prevents proper dental care. People are having trouble affording proper dental treatment.

    Several states have eliminated adult dental coverage under Medicaid altogether. Other states are considering dropping the coverage in their upcoming budgets. Add this fact to the lowering number of companies offering dental plans, and the number of people who can afford dental care is dropping.

    When people put off dental maintenance it could lead to bigger and more costly medical problems. If not properly insured or financed a trip to the emergency room usually follows. That trip to the emergency room will not only be more expensive but it will not properly treat the dental problem. Most emergency rooms are not equipped to handle dental emergencies.

    When finances are low and you have to make the tough decisions on what to spend your money on, try and keep in mind the importance of your dental health. You, your family and your smile will be glad you did.